Culliver City Chronicles Series
Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel series chronicling stories from a fictional American city run by criminals for the criminals.

Call 1-800-KillAGuy (Book 1)

Fixing a hit in Culliver City’s as easy as ordering a pizza. You could get a dozen junkies to stab a guy in the street…

Problem is, 7 out of 10 times, they get some random Civilian instead… and besides, a junky’ll just as soon try to stab you too.

Nah, for a more secure bang for your buck, a few names rise to the top of the list…

Let’s take a look at some of those names, shall we?

Call 1-800-KillAGuy (Book 1) is the first of three books written by Marcus E Ako from the Culliver City Chronicles series; a neo-noir crime graphic novel series set in the fictitious American city of Culliver that has been co-opted by Criminals for Criminals. An entire infrastructure has been secretly established to allow crime to thrive within city limits with its own laws unknown to Civilians but branded into “Citizens” who make up around 70% of the city’s population. The Call 1-800-KillAGuy story arc focuses on the Contract-killer market in the city.

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